PPC Management Services

When it comes to investing the cost, it has to be designated to the experts.

There are multiple ways organizations can gain better ranking and traffic. Along with organic digital marketing, Auspian Technologies also offer Pay Per Click management services. This form of marketing involves paid ads that are displayed in the search results. Our PPC management services make sure your ads are displayed on the first page.

There are different forms of ads including text ads, video ads, and images. We being the best PPC management company take care of thorough process right from copywriting to bidding. Pay per click ads is considered as the most effective mode of marketing since it brings huge traffic in less time. Our experts have keen knowledge about search engine algorithms, keyword analysis, and other specifications. Organizations hire a PPC management company for successful advertising campaigns by targeting a specific audience and fetching results in less time.

Benefits of PPC Management

  • Faster results
  • Higher ROI
  • Boosts the brand value
  • Targeted advertising
  • Brand exposure

What do we do?


Keyword analysis:

When we talk about PPC, keywords play a vital role. It is extremely essential to understand which keywords rank higher and are used most of the times. Our PPC experts use the latest keyword analysis tools to enlist a few top-rated keywords respective to the client’s service or product. We integrate these keywords in the ad copy and alt texts of images for better ranking.


We have hired some best in industry copywriters who have catered to almost all industries including healthcare, food, travel, information technology, retail, real estate, etc. Our writers make sure that the ad copy will not only catch the user’s attention but also have enough potential to gain clicks on it. We optimize the given character limit at its best.


Wonder how these ads work? Our PPC experts have successfully conducted numerous PPC campaigns and understand the entire bidding structure. We analyse the current click through rate and decide to bid at an amount that is enough to beat the competition for that particular service. The client has to pay for the ad only when a user clicks on the ad.

Social media ads:

We not only work on Google ads but also manage social media ads. Our experts are AdWord certified and also have great experience in managing Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram ad campaign, LinkedIn ad campaigns, etc. Our team understands the different perceptions of users from different social media platforms and make sure to offer the most relevant form of ads.

Overall management:

Running an ad on social media or search engines is extremely difficult. We manage multiple ad groups and hundreds of ads at the same time. Our team makes sure that the ads are displayed in the time slot when most of the users browse for services. Also, we help you in targeting a particular set of audience for the ads which ultimately saves your cost.

Why Auspian Technologies?

  • A large team of PPC experts
  • Professional analysis and reporting
  • Custom PPC management services
  • We perform display advertising
  • We offer to remarket and retargeting