Page Speed Optimizations

We enable page loading within a blink of eyes with our page speed optimization services.

Having excellent content, graphics, images, and videos on web pages are definitely beneficial for any sector. But what if it takes too long to load? We understand the efforts required to craft high-quality content and to design those eye catchy graphics. We help you showcase your content much faster than ever before.

Page speed optimization services enable super fast loading of web pages. It reduces the time required for a page to load from a hosting server to browser. At Auspian Technologies, we offer industry best Page speed optimization services that enhance user experience. As per our research, users around the globe consider speed as a vital parameter of website quality. Hence our team of experts has boosted several websites and offered them double the existing pace.

Benefits of Page Speed Optimizations

  • Faster indexing
  • Better user engagement
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Higher rate of lead conversion
  • Better individual page ranking

What we at Auspian Technologies do?


Eliminating render blocking CSS above the fold:

For every web page, above-the-fold content and images play an important role. These are the components users interact initially after visiting the web page. We enable faster loading of above-the-fold components. Before fixing the issue, it is vital to identify it properly. We use the latest tools to identify critical CSS and check for CSS files that are render-blocking.

Reduce server response time:

Every time a user browses web pages, the web host needs to respond as soon as possible. This process drastically decreases the page load time. At Auspian Technologies, we suggest you faster web hosts suitable as per your requirements to reduce server response time. Our experts keep upgrading all the plugins and themes to enhance page load speed.

Image optimization:

A single image can convey a large message in the most amazing and simplest way possible. We help you deliver high-quality images in correct dimensions, size, resolution as well as format. Resizing an image without spoiling its quality is a critical task and we have mastered it. We use intelligent compression algorithm tools to optimize images.

Avoiding landing page redirects:

We highly recommend avoiding landing page redirects as it takes loads of time to load the web page. Do not know how to avoid it? We will take care of this issue. Redirects trigger extra response time and delay page loading. In case you require to redirect the landing page, we help you redirect it from server side rather than client side to minimize client-side round trip requests.

Using content distribution networks:

Our team uses Content Distribution Networks (or CDN) to offer excellent page speed optimization services. It evenly distributes and delivers the content to improve page speed and user experience. CDNs store site copies at multiple data centers which helps load the content faster.

Why Auspian Technologies?

  • Expert analysis
  • A dedicated team of experts
  • Minimum 2x page load pace