Website Maintenance

Auspian Technologies offers website maintenance services to leading industries like IT, retail, real estate, automobile, etc. Website maintenance includes upgrading of content, removing bugs, reducing the number of errors, implementing the latest trends, and improving the user interface as well as user experience.

We not only design and develop websites but also take care of complete website maintenance services. Since we offer custom website development services, most of the clients have unique requirements. We consider the client niche and maintain their web applications as per the demand. Being a leading website maintenance company, we analyze and solve even the most complex problem efficiently.

Benefits of website maintenance

  • Better UI -UX
  • Better ranking
  • Increased traffic
  • Beats the competition
  • Security

What do we do?


Website analysis:

Every website design and maintenance company needs to understand the loopholes in the website in order to serve well. We initially conduct a thorough analysis of website design, content, navigation, backend process, and data storage. Our team of experts delivers a report stating the areas that require maintenance according to the priorities.

Redesign services:

Designing a website is fun. Having a website that has stayed there for years needs some changes. It is recommended to redesign complete websites after a certain period of time for better user experience and interface. Every year, website designing introduce new trends in the market. It is important to follow those trends and restructure the look of websites.

Content updates:

A regular updating of content is imperative for digital marketing. Continuing with old content for a long time can impact the number of regular visitors. Also, regular content updates help visitors to keep their industry knowledge updated. From the SEO perspective, it is important to keep adding the latest unique inbound content in the form of blogs, vlogs, or articles to gain more traffic.

Backups and restore services:

Every website generates a huge amount of user data. Organizations collect and analyze such data to achieve valuable insights. User data can be used to predict future product demands as well as the likes and dislikes of users. It is vital to have a backup of such essential information. We offer backup and restore services to avoid any data loss.

Technical support:

We not only have hired skilled developers but also have a dedicated team that delivers technical support. We tend to resolve every single issue related to websites in the most efficient way at the earliest.

Why Auspian Technologies?

  • Analytics focused
  • Excellent coordination
  • Least turnaround time
  • Effective incident handling
  • Reliable updates